Cub Scouts

John Lawrence has been begging us to sign him for Cub Scouts since school started. To say he likes it would be an understatement- He loves it! He looks pretty cute too!


Sock Puppets

Last week Gran Jan was in town staying at Ellen's house to help Ellen and her family with Baby Foster. Mac and I stopped by one afternoon for a visit and the boys made sock puppets with Gran Jan. They had a good time, but Mac could not stay focused for the puppet show. He loves playing at Henry's house, it was a treat.
Thanks Gran Jan!


Boosterthon Fun Run

John Lawrence's school had their first and only fundraiser of the year this week. It was the Boosterthon Fun Run. This was a program that focused on Fitness, Education, and Character Building.

He ran 35 laps that equaled a little over 2 miles. I got to get in on the action and volunteer actually out on the field with the kids marking the laps on the backs of their shirts. It is also a treat to see JL in his element at school. He had a great time and a big thank you to all of our family that supported him.



We don't want to forget

Mason and I want to remember how he looks right now forever! He is so cute with his Big Gap. Daddy calls him snaggle tooth and he hates it!


He started it....

John Lawrence started his Christmas list the other day at Mac's game. Nana gave JL a Spider man school pack which included: a notebook, folders, pencils, eraser, pouch and a small spiral pocket sized notebook. The minute he saw it he said "this would be perfect to start my Christmas list".

Yes the last line says a cat and dog (not going to happen)!!!!

So it has begun....


Mac's 1st Baseball Game

Mac had his first Baseball game on Wednesday night. He loved it! The games look more like football games than baseball games. Someone will get the ball and the other boys will try and steal it from that kid and the coaches have to pick up the boys and pull them off of each other. We all just laugh then remember to say good job to the boys. Mac loves being out on that field and we love to go and watch him play!


Baby Foster

Foster Perry Pangle is finally here and we all love his so much! He is such a good baby and we have been going to the Pangle house for lots of visits. Mac loves to kiss and pat his little head. JL likes to look at him but I think he is scared that he will break him. Here are some pictures of Baby Foster.

Sweet Boy

John Lawrence has been blessed with two really great teachers at Duncan Creek Elementary. We have been so pleased with his teachers and his school thus far.

Here is a conversation between JL and myself last week while we were in the car.

Me: Are you ready to go see baby Foster
JL: Yes I can't wait to see him. Ms. Barr (his 1st grade teacher) asks me about him all the time.
Me: That is so sweet! She is so nice isn't she.
JL: I have had the best teachers for Kindergarten and 1st Grade. I am so lucky!
Me: Yes John Lawrence ~you have had the best teachers.
JL: I guess God thinks I am Great! It's like God is God and I am Jesus.

That was such a precious conversation to hear. He really believes that God thinks he is special and that is why he was blessed with another great teacher. I had the opportunity to let Mrs. Barr know how great JL thinks she is yesterday at the Fun Run. She shared with me that she thought he was a very polite boy and a great student.


Labor Day

We went to Spartanburg over Labor Day Weekend a couple of weeks ago. It was a very relaxing and quiet weekend.

The first day we went and ate dinner with Larry's side of the family at Caro-mi (Tryon) it was so quaint and pretty. The weather was perfect! The next day, we ate at Mammy's house for lunch, which again was a great meal with great company (Jan's family).

The rest of the time was spent on the lake, riding the golf cart and playing at the tree house yard ~friends of Jan and Larry's that have an awesome kid backyard.


Last week Mac went with John Lawrence to the neighbors house to play and this is what he looked like when he came home. They were playing outside with bubbles, sidewalk chalk and sidewalk paint. The combination was a sticky mess. I was not upset at all just a little bit shocked at what I saw when I opened my front door. He is all boy!



JL and Mac each have their own room; however, Mac sleeps in JL's bed every night. This started a long time ago when Mac at 15 months started climbing out of his crib at night. We moved his crib out and moved a twin bed in its place.

He slept in that bed for maybe 3 months. He would get out of his bed every night and come in our room and I would take him back to his bed. This would go on every night sometimes mulitple times in one night. Also when he would leave his room- he would slam his door shut and wake up JL in the process. I was at my wits end with it and one night Mason suggested letting them sleep in the same room together. It was a hard 3 weeks at first, but they settled in and we have never looked back.

The bed is a Queen, but this is how we find them most nights. It is precious. It is also a reminder how much they really do love each other even after a day of crazy fighting.

Summer To Do List

Here is our final Summer To Do List. What is left in red is what we did not accomplish this summer. Not bad for such a long fun list.

Our Summer could not have been any better! I have a wonderful husband who wants me to have fun with the boys and seldom tells us no. He works hard, so we can play and have fun especially during summer breaks. This Summer list will definitely be a summer tradition.

Summer To Do List
Go for walks, Make home-made ice cream, Wash the cars and get wet, Go to the movies, Go camping, Go to Myrtle Beach, Camp out in the backyard, Go to Nettie's House, swim lessons, Have sleep overs, Go to the pool for movie nights, Go to Suwanee Park and play in the fountains, Water park in Gainesville, Try some new recipes, Go to Chuck E Cheese, Attend VBS, Pull out the sprinkers/Slip-In-Slide/backyard Pool, Join at least 2 Book Clubs, Go to the mall, Go to the POPiscle sale in honor of Uncle Steve, Go to Monkey Joe's, Go to Gatlinburg, Go to INK , Go to the Childrens Museum downtown, Go to IKEA, Get ice cream from the ice cream truck, Play with bubbles, Jump in puddles during a rain shower, Go to Gran Jan and Pop's house, Read lots of books, Go to the gym, Fireworks, Feed ducks at the park, Library, Sign up for the Reading Program at the Library, Go to six flags, Go tubing, Hiking


Mac's First Day of 3 Year Old Preschool

Mac started 3Year Preschool last week and he loves it! His teachers are Ms. Debbie and Ms. Wanda and he will go Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 9 to 1. His favorite part of school is music and playing on the playground.


We went camping 3 weeks ago and had a ball! The weather was perfect and there was no rain in the forecast. The boys loved it, but I will say that Mac is more of a city boy. JL could have stayed in the woods forever, where Mac could do it for a weekend, but likes to be close to his electronics. He did ask if he could play his DS (handheld wii), watch a show on the DVD player and could he have chicken nuggets for lunch in the microwave. We purposely left all electronics at home so we could just have fun and explore. We will be going back soon!