JL and Mac each have their own room; however, Mac sleeps in JL's bed every night. This started a long time ago when Mac at 15 months started climbing out of his crib at night. We moved his crib out and moved a twin bed in its place.

He slept in that bed for maybe 3 months. He would get out of his bed every night and come in our room and I would take him back to his bed. This would go on every night sometimes mulitple times in one night. Also when he would leave his room- he would slam his door shut and wake up JL in the process. I was at my wits end with it and one night Mason suggested letting them sleep in the same room together. It was a hard 3 weeks at first, but they settled in and we have never looked back.

The bed is a Queen, but this is how we find them most nights. It is precious. It is also a reminder how much they really do love each other even after a day of crazy fighting.

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Mama said...

If that doesn't put the tingle in your belly, I don't know what will.