Sweet Boy

John Lawrence has been blessed with two really great teachers at Duncan Creek Elementary. We have been so pleased with his teachers and his school thus far.

Here is a conversation between JL and myself last week while we were in the car.

Me: Are you ready to go see baby Foster
JL: Yes I can't wait to see him. Ms. Barr (his 1st grade teacher) asks me about him all the time.
Me: That is so sweet! She is so nice isn't she.
JL: I have had the best teachers for Kindergarten and 1st Grade. I am so lucky!
Me: Yes John Lawrence ~you have had the best teachers.
JL: I guess God thinks I am Great! It's like God is God and I am Jesus.

That was such a precious conversation to hear. He really believes that God thinks he is special and that is why he was blessed with another great teacher. I had the opportunity to let Mrs. Barr know how great JL thinks she is yesterday at the Fun Run. She shared with me that she thought he was a very polite boy and a great student.

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