Mac loves to feed himself

Here are pics of Mac eating yogurt (all by himself) and loving it! We left him in the kitchen longer than we should have and this is what we found a few minutes later.


Even Superman takes a nap

John Lawrence got this Superman outfit from Aunt Martha Jan for his birthday and he loves it! He wears it at least once daily.


Strawberry Picking at Washington Farms

Today we went Strawberry Picking with friends Jan and Amy and their kids. At first John Lawrence was not sure what to make of the trip, but then it clicked and he was finding the biggest most red berries ever. He loved to pick them, hold the bucket and "find the largest strawberry in the whole patch". Mac, on the other hand, was not happy and finally started to have fun. He decided to run down the aisles as fast as possible so I would chase him. Let's just say wow!!!

(Look at that hair-I love it!)

Mac loves a camera

Every time we get the camera out Mac makes the cheesiest smile. I guess he is used to having it around.

Here Comes Trouble

Get all four of these boys together and you have trouble. I was watching them all at my house last week and it was a wild afternoon!


We went bowling as a family and had a wonderful time. Even Mac tried a ball or two! John Lawrence had a little fall, but we had a blast.

Spring Break

We went on a Spring Break trip with Allison and the Boys, Dad and Diane and Great Grandma Hunt to Myrtle Beach the first week in April. It was a wonderful trip-great to see everyone and boys had a ball! John Lawrence got into the beach for the first time this year on April 1st and he said it was not cold-(yea right)! There was also an indoor pool so we hung out there a lot of the time.

Mac is named after Grandma Hunt's husband (grand daddy Hunt~McMurry~) so she really enjoyed seeing Mac and she says he looks just like my dad and her other son Ronnie.


John Lawrence's Superman Party

Here are the pictures from John Lawrence's Superman Gym Birthday Party (He is 4 years old).

We had his birthday at Dacula Family Sports. It was a tumbling Party. The theme was Superman. He loved his cake and could not stop staring at it.

We missed the Duplers. The boys had a stomach bug that put Sam in the hospital for a night to get fluids. We had a great time at the party. John Lawrence is already trying to decide what kind of party to have next year.
Mac was trouble with a capital "T"
Again do you see who was on the table
-Mac (Trouble)
The Cousins~Here are Walker, John Lawrence and Riley Belle (Her mother said that she looked like Little Red Riding Hood).

John Lawrence's bday at Preschool

Mac and I met John Lawrence at preschool for his birthday to bring everyone a treat. JL wanted me to bring in sugar cookies with sprinkles on top. They all enjoyed them. We sang Happy Birthday to him and he blushed it was so cute!!!!

Happy Birthday John Lawrence

John Lawrence is 4 years old today!- March 27, 2008

Making a cake for JL

Mason and JL decided to make a birthday cake for JL on his actual day instead waiting for his Superman cake. I came in for some licks with JL. It is always our favorite part of the experience! Mason thinks we are crazy. We all eat one piece of cake before it is tossed. Our family is just not that much into cakes and desert, but it sure was good.