Disney World

We had a great time in Disney World! First off let me say thanks to Jan and Larry for keeping Mac for us. It would have been hard for little Mac to keep up with us on this marathon trip. Next, thanks to Mom and Ron for treating us all to the Presidential Suite at Bonnet Creek, which was in the resort. It was the most beautiful hotel we have ever stayed in.

Disney World was magical... to see John Lawrence's face light up everyday was so much fun to see. He loved seeing it all: characters, rides, toys, people, etc. It was hot, but the crowds were not that bad. We did not have to wait more than 30 mins for any ride. That is not bad considering we went in July.

Fireworks at Magic Kingdom

We went to Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom (2 days). Magic Kingdom was John Lawrence's favorite park. His top 3 rides were Astro Orbitor and Buzz Lightyear (both at Magic Kingdom) and Star Tours (at Hollywood Studios). His least favorite was Tower of Terror (HS) and I would have to agree.

We ate at the Liberty Tree Tavern (character meal) for dinner and JL loved it. He got to meet Chip and Dale, Pluto, Goofy and Minnie Mouse. He was not shy at all and wanted to talk and have his picture made with all of them.

His favorite part of the trip was a toss up between meeting the Power Rangers and riding in the very front of the monorail. We got to do this 3 times. I am not sure who liked it more Mason or JL?

I keep forgetting about all the great things! Another thing he loved was the face painting. JL was 3 different things. Day 1- Power Ranger, Day 2-Tiger and Day 3-Dinosaur (mix between dinosaur and Incredible Hulk) and the final day he did not mention wanting it done. I guess he was done with being so careful with his face. He would try really hard to not touch his face ,which was hard to do with the summer heat.

Also, our hotel had a pool with a waterslide and putt putt golf. If you know John Lawrence than you know those two things are his favorite of all time. At first it was hard to convince him to leave in the morning to go to the parks. We had to promise him we would come back and take a break and swim and play.

View from our balcony

It was a fantastic trip and we will be returning in 3 or 4 years to show it all to Mac!


Gone Swimming -We are back and have the pictures to prove it

We are back from Columbia-actually Chapin, South Carolina. We got back 2 weeks ago, but life got in the way and it has taken me along time to get the pictures up. (see below for pictures)

Since that time we had Sam and Hudson come to our house for the weekend without Allison and Dan. It was their first time here with no parents. Allison and Dan had some alone time to celebrate their 9 year anniversary. We had a ball and I did not take any pictures. What was I thinking!!!!

Then last weekend, Allison and Dan watched our boys for our 10 year anniversary!!! (Time has flown by) I will post pictures of our little getaway later.

After that we (myself and the boys and Ellen and her boys) went to Spartanburg for a night to go to Mason's Aunt Wee Wee fundraiser in honor of her husband (Uncle Steve) who passed away. It was the 1st Annual Popsicle Sale. She raised $3,300 for the American Diabetes Association. It was wonderful to be a part of something so special.

John Lawrence and Luke were the best of friends all week in Chapin. They got along swimmingly!

Luke's cool playhouse

JL, Ella, Luke and Jackson