Sunday we got up and John Lawrence and Mac found their Easter Baskets. The Easter Bunny hides them every year in a new spot. They loved everything they got! We watched the Bee Movie (in JL's basket) before church (amazing how we get up early enough to watch a movie before church)! Church was great-the service was wonderful-and it was a full house, which is always nice to see. Afterwards, we had brunch at the Houndstooth Grille. A Perfect way to end the day. It really was a great weekend!

Now on to John Lawrence's birthday week! B-day is on Thursday and Party is on Saturday.

Dyeing Easter Eggs

We dyed Easter Eggs on Saturday night. It was fun for John Lawrence and Mac was not sure what all the fuss was about. We got some stamps to use on the eggs and Mac ended up using them on 2 eggs then putting them in his mouth then breaking the eggs on the table. After all that craziness it was time for him to go to bed!! I think next year will be his year!

First T-Ball Game of the Season and the Park

We had a great Easter weekend. Mason was off of work for Good Friday, so we had Dad home for an extra day! Mason golfed in the morning and then I went shopping that night. It was nice for both of us to have a little bit of alone time.

Saturday morning we started the day off with John Lawrence's first T-Ball game of the season. The previous 2 were rained out. He did great and had a ball:)! Mac loved being outside and running around for an 1 1/2 hour while Mason and I took turns chasing him.

At 11:10 we went to our church for an Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic Lunch that started at 11:00. Needless to say we were late and missed the egg hunt (The Walkers are usually never late)! Mason did some quick thinking and asked if we wanted to go to our favorite park instead. We headed to Little Mulberry Park and ate our lunch there and played at the park for about 2 hours. The weather was perfect!!


The Easter Bunny

Here we are with the Easter Bunny on Good Friday.


Boys will be boys!

Last night, I was cutting Mason's hair with an electric razor and John Lawrence was dying to cut his daddy's hair with the scissors after I was finished (I always start with the razor and finish with the scissors). I told him no and Mason said the same thing! This actually scared Mason to death!

Anyway, Mason and I were just talking and focusing on the haircut and John Lawrence was cutting the air with the scissors. We were interrupted and look up to see a ball of fire and smoke! John Lawrence decided to cut the cord of the razor while it was on and I was in the process of cutting hair.

The child did not have any shoes on and luckily neither he or I were hurt.

We asked him why he did it and he said "I don't know". The look on his face was truly wonder and I think he was just curious what would happen. I think is the first of many scares with two boys in the house!!!


Picture Post of both boys

JL at school-Praise Town. They had to dress up like a community helper. He was a Construction worker.

JL asleep in the car with his cool armbands on. He thinks he is really tough and fast with them on.

Mac being silly.

John Lawrence is a Baseball Player

Here is John Lawrence in his new baseball outfit. His season has started and the first game will be on Saturday. He is super excited about.

Update of last month and a half

The last month in a half has consisted of going to Spartanburg (for the boys 3 weekends in a row) for Preston and Riley Belle's birthday parties and Jan and Larry took the boys for a weekend. One of the weekends we stayed at Allison and Dan's house and hung out with the cousins-Sam and Hudson.

Other than that we are battling our 4 weeks of sickness. It has been Mac mostly. Mac had a cold, then a virus and then the FLU! It passed onto Mason and then myself and finally John Lawrence.

Thank goodness spring is around the corner because we need it really bad!!!!!

We all just want to get out of the house.