School's Out for the Summer!

Now that (Pre) School is out for the summer I am busy trying to think of fun free or cheap activities to do with the boys! Thankfully I live in Atlanta so I have access to so many great things to do. Here are a few things we have done in the last few weeks.

May 19th was John Lawrence and Mac's first Slumber party at the Pangle's House. Eric and Ellen were kind enough to keep the boys overnight while Mason and I went to a concert with Martha Jane. We had a great time and the boys had a blast!

John Lawrence takes a weekly Kid Fitness class at my gym (Gold's Gym) he loves it! The classes started in May.

On May 24th, we went to the Zoo with a large group and the Zoo provided us with a teacher who talked to the kids about different animals and we even got a discount on tickets! It was wonderful and the weather could not have been more perfect. That night Mason took JL to an Atlanta Braves Baseball game. The boys had a great time!

On May 28th, Mason was off of work for Memorial Day and we went to a parade. JL got a lesson in how much candy you can get at a parade. The kids were running for the candy at first and JL was right there with them. Then after awhile there was so much of it that it was just left sitting on the ground at their feet (even gum)!

May 29th was spent with the Pangle's at a water fountain that kids can get in and play. They had a blast and the day was ended with some much needed ice cream.

Mac got sick the following day with a sore throat virus. So we spent the next few days indoors.

The weekend consisted of playing around the house/pool and helping Ellen and Eric move into their new house! They are so excited and the house looks great!

Tomorrow (June 5th) is Mac's 6th month photo appointment. I have been getting them done every 3 months. John Lawrence will come along to help make Mac smile. I am sure we will get a great picture with big brother helping out.