Old Door/New Door

We have a wood front door that has bothered me for years. It was a light oak color that I hated. Over time the sun faded the door and damaged the bottom portion as well. To cover the damaged part it needed to be stained a dark color. No problem here considering I wanted it to be a dark brown stain. We ended up picking Dark Walnut as the stain color and I could not be happier.

We chose to stain the inside of the door as well and I am so glad we did. The door looks less country with a rich dark stain on it. Better curb appeal too! **We had a professional stain the door.



Edisto Beach

The boys and I went to Edisto Beach last weekend with my side of the family. Nana and Grandad rented a large 4 bedroom house so we could all have our own bedroom. Allison and her family came too and all the boys had a ball! We spent all of our time at the beach with small trips to the pool. It was a quick trip, but a perfect weekend family weekend! Thanks Nana and Grandad.


Tree House Part 5

Here is the most up to date pictures of the Tree House. This was on the last day that Pop was in town. The following day Mason painted two of the sides then ran out of paint. Pop is building the windows and door at his house and will bring them here to install. The finishing touches will be molding around the windows and railings. It looks awesome!

Tree House Part 4

Pop came into town last week for the whole week to try and finish up the tree house. They worked hard and got a lot accomplished. The walls are up, they cut out the windows and door, built the loft over the porch and built the ladder. It it playable and the boys love it! Great job Pop!!!!



JL and Mac got new tennis shoes to go back to school. Mac of course wanted them all summer and I told him he had to wait for the school year to start. Both boys saw the shoes they wanted over the summer and of course they were nothing that Mason or I would pick out. They were black!!! It took us a couple of trips to the mall to find their sizes and fully get on board with buying black shoes for the kids.

They wanted Reebok Zigtechs. They love them and that makes us happy even if they are black tennis shoes.

He knows what he likes

So much has been written about John Lawrence that I needed to get a Mac post in here. Here is what he looks like every other day. I wash clothes every day or two so he can this shirt. He loves it!

2 necklaces- 1 Phiten necklace and 1Titanium necklace (athletes wear them)
black socks
new black Reebok Zigtecs
Under Armour t-shirt with no sleeves (the tighter the better)
athletic shorts or brown shorts

This kid knows what he likes and is stubborn about his clothes and shoes. Mason and I have to just go with it most days.

He is our strong willed child and we love that about him.


Parasailing at the Beach

John Lawrence, Aunt Martha Jan, Walker and Aunt Ellen went Parasailing while we were at the Beach this summer.  Mason and Uncle Eric went out on the boat to watch, but did not go up. John Lawrence loved it and said he was not scared at all. He loves adventures and will try most things. It was definitely a highlight of the trip. Thanks Aunt Martha Jan for going with JL.


First Day of Second Grade

Monday was the first day of school for John Lawrence. He did not want summer to end, but he did not miss a beat. He woke up bright and early and was ready to go. I took JL to school last year and he rode the bus home, but this year he wants to ride the bus to school too. He seems to like school and is happy when he gets off the bus. So far so good!


Six Flags

Last year in 1st grade, John Lawrence had the opportunity to read 6 hours worth of books and he would qualify for a free Six Flags ticket to be used over the summer. We used the ticket! Mason took JL on his last official day of summer (Sunday). They got there when it opened and stayed all day till closing. John Lawrence loved the roller coasters and it was not too crowded, so they were able to ride some of the rides multiple times. To say that they had a good time would be an understatement! John Lawrence said it was the best thing he did all summer. Even better than Para Sailing! That is a whole other post.

Water park

Ellen and I took the boys to the Water park last week to end Summer on a high note. They all had a good time even little Foster. He was a trooper and even missed his morning nap, so we could stay at the park for 4 hours.