John Lawrence's 7th Birthday Party

John Lawrence had his 7th Birthday Party on Saturday night. The boys (Walker, Gavin, Christian, Parker) came over at 4:00pm and then we loaded up and headed to bowl and play laser tag at Stars and Stripes. Everyone had so much fun!

We stopped by Little Cesar's on the way home for pizzas and crazy bread. We arrived home and ate, opened presents, hit a pinata (the boys loved to see how strong they were), ate cupcakes/ice cream and played countless games of Nerf gun war.

They ended up going to bed between 12:45~ 1:00am and were up the next day at 6:45am. John Lawrence had a great time and it was exactly the kind of party he wanted. I would call it a success!

Birthday plans and decorations

John Lawrence really enjoys planning his party and deciding on the theme. He is specific about what he wants and likes to be involved in the entire process. He decided to have a knight themed party and wanted to use the colors red and blue.

He wanted a Spend the Night Party and wanted to go Bowling and play Laser Tag at Stars and Stripes. So that is what we did.


Soccer game

Here are some pictures of a soccer game from a couple of weeks ago. The weather has not cooperated the last couple of weeks, so we will have some makeup games in our future. JL is enjoying the season!

Tad Poles

The boys and their friends in the neighborhood are working on a science experiment~tad poles. We have an itty bitty pond in the backyard that has become the source of much fun these days. They love playing in it with buckets and around it. I am now the proud owner of tad poles growing on my  kitchen counter. Mason and the boys looked up what they eat on the Internet and I had to go buy some lettuce that we need to boil, so they can eat and get big and turn into frogs.

The life of boys is always interesting and messy!


John Lawrence made this Self-Portrait at school and I saw it hanging up outside of his classroom and I had to take a picture of it. I love it!


Donuts with Dad

Last week at Mac's school was Donuts with Dad. Of course Mason went and they had a good time together. Here is a picture and card that Mac had waiting on his desk at school to give to Mason.


So sweet

For school John Lawrence has to complete a monthly math calendar. It is part of his daily homework and we both enjoy working on together. We were working on it this week and the question for March 14th was~Name two things that come in a pair. His response was mom and dad. That melted my heart. I was expecting 2 socks, 2 shoes or something simple, but his response was simply what Mason and I strive for. We want our kids to see us as a team/pair. As two people who love each other very much.


Before and After

I bought these pictures about 2 years ago at a garage sale for $10. I knew the frames were great so I was happy with the price. About a month ago Mac and I were bored so we decided to change these up a bit. The total cost was $9~mats were $6 and $3 for the can of spray paint. The pictures were taken when I went to Japan many years ago.

these were $69 each brand new

This mat was shot. I tired spray painting them but they did not look good. I bought new mats at Hobby Lobby for $3 each.


Animal pictures by John Lawrence

All of these pictures were taken by John Lawrence when we were at the zoo. He loved having the camera around his neck and trying to get the best shot. Here are some my favorites.


Night Crawler Overnight at Zoo Atlanta

Last Friday John Lawrence and I spent the night at Zoo Atlanta with the Boy Scouts. There were 75 people in our group. We had an awesome time and learned so many cool and interesting things about the zoo and animals. Here is the description on the zoo website about the Night Crawler Overnight experience. Your group will never forget this nocturnal adventure packed with themed activities, behind-the-scenes experiences and up-close encounters with animals. Sleep in climate-controlled facilities, enjoy a continental breakfast and take a private guided tour of Zoo Atlanta.

We had a ball and got some great pictures. I took all of these pictures and the next post will have JL's animals pictures. He had my camera and he thought he was too cool with a camera around his neck.