Before and After

I bought these pictures about 2 years ago at a garage sale for $10. I knew the frames were great so I was happy with the price. About a month ago Mac and I were bored so we decided to change these up a bit. The total cost was $9~mats were $6 and $3 for the can of spray paint. The pictures were taken when I went to Japan many years ago.

these were $69 each brand new

This mat was shot. I tired spray painting them but they did not look good. I bought new mats at Hobby Lobby for $3 each.


Hurricane Denise said...

You are getting to be quite the little Martha! They look great and I love your outside lamps too! Can you come to my house? I have started a little list for you!

Kim said...

Thanks Denise! Just starting to take care of some projects and so ready for spring.