John Lawrence is is taking an 8 session (4 week-Monday and Wednesday) class of Karate to see if this is something he is interested in. This week is his 3rd week and guess what JL got to do last night? That is right break a board with his hand (1st try). He was so excited and proud of himself! Needless to say, on the way home he let me know he loves karate and wants to do it when he is 5, 10, 16 and 40 years old. I guess he likes it.


Bath time

Mac has never enjoyed bath time like John Lawrence has and still does, so when Mac just won't cooperate and get in the bathtub we still throw him in the sink. I guess our days are almost over. He is getting so big!


Ice skating in Boone

The guys took the older boys iceskating when we were in Boone. The had a ball. It was JL's first time and he thought it was "super cool"!


Journey's End

Jan and Larry took all of us to Boone, North Carolina for the weekend for our Christmas gift. We had a great time. We left the day after Christmas and came home that Monday. A great time was had by all! Thanks Jan and Larry!!!

Our house that we rented named Journey's End

View from the back porch

John Lawrence on top of the world

A hike in the woods

Playing in the hot tub

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning in Spartanburg. The boys loved what they got for Christmas. It was fun to see them so excited to see what Santa left for them.

Coming down the stairs to see what Santa brought

Mac coming down stairs

Checking to see if Santa left a note and ate his cookies and milk

JL got a fish for Christmas (name is SPD-for Power Rangers)

Group photo on Christmas Day


Christmas Eve

We went to Spartanburg for Christmas this year. We go there every year!Jan and Larry (Aunt Martha Jane was there too) are wonderful hosts and Christmas gets more exciting every year. John Lawrence was so excited about Santa Claus it was priceless.
Helping Pop light the luminaries for the driveway (neighborhood tradition)

Plate for Santa, Santa Mouse and the reindeer


Boys were in town so we took the opportunity to snap some pictures. Nothing like a little bribery (You can't open gifts until we take some pictures)!

Hudson and Sam

Mac loved Santa!

December Events Continued......

Allison, Dan and the boys along with Dad, Diane and Gregory spent the weekend with us the weekend before Christmas. We had a great time! The boys had fun playing together and it was great to see the Grandparents. Gregory was like a big kids to the boys they love him!


Stone Mountain~Christmas~

We went to Stone Mountain Park for their Christmas Celebration about 1 1/2 weeks before Christmas. We tried to go on Saturday night with the Pangles' but it was full to capacity, (the boys were crushed) so we came back to our house and had s'mores in the fireplace and played then went back earlier the following night.

It so fun and magical through the eyes of kids. There are over 2 million lights, 4D Polar Express movie, train rides, s'mores, lazer show, a snow angel and some light snow at the end of the night. It was our second year going and it is definitely a family tradition. (We got annual passes to Stone Mountain for Christmas this year from Larry and Jan so we will be there a lot throughout the year).