Week with GranJan and Pop

John Lawrence and Mac went to spend the week with GranJan and Pop the first week of July. They had a ball and was a highlight of the summer! They arrived on Sunday night and July 4th was the following day (We celebrated in Chapin that weekend-not on the true holiday).

Sunday-went to Church that night for a 4th party that included hotdogs, bounce house and three legged races

Monday-went to see Grandma Walker and went to the Foster's Lakehouse for the 4th. They rode a Jetski, a Three Man Tube and went down the Big Kahuna Waterslide.

Tuesday-Waterpark in town, The boys went down the waterslide no less than 47 times each, went to Academy Sports and got Phiten necklaces from GranJan and Pop. Mac told the clerk he had been dying to have one. Mac picked a red one and JL picked black. They wear them everyday.

Wednesday-Stayed around the house and enjoyed Pop's birthday with multiple Golfcart rides, Rides on the boat, Kayak rides, Fishing and Hikes in the woods. Took bb guns in the woods and even found a skull and brought it home for the treehouse.

Thursday-came home exhausted from a wonderful trip.

Thanks Gran Jan and Pop! The boys loved every minute of it.

4th of July

Made their own pizzas for dinner one night

At the waterpark playground

On the way home from getting their necklaces

got caught in a rain storm with the top down in the convertible

Skull found on a bear hunt in the woods



We went to the Zoo a couple of weeks ago with Ellen and the boys. We went on a day that could of been really hot, but we lucked out with an overcast afternoon and even a sprinkle while we were there and then it poured as soon as we left. There were no crowds and we stayed until they closed. The boys had a great time! Their favorites were the Birds, Reptile House, Playground and Rock Wall.

Family Work Day

One day this summer while Mason and I were working in the backyard John Lawrence came outside and asked if Mason and I would come in the house and have a family wii night. We decided that was not going to happen, but we could have a family work night in the yard and that was just what we did. The boys actually liked it and really were a big help.

Be careful what you ask for around here...

Tree House Part 3

While the boys and I were out of town (Chapin-Swimming week) Pop and Mason worked on the tree house. It now has more braces and a green metal roof. I love the metal roof! We have caught a few rain showers under it and it is heavenly! The boys are getting excited to know the end is near. The final touches are walls, an inside loft and paint the inside and out. The next phase will start soon. We can't wait!



Mason and I have worked on projects in the yard all summer. We had trees taken out and sod professionally put in. Mason revamped the pond and the final touch was to clear/clean out the natural areas of the backyard. Here are the before and after pictures of the clean out. It took many hours of hard work, but so worth it in the end.

Swimming Week

All of these pictures were taken by Ashley. She did a great job of capturing the week for us. It is definitely a highlight of the summer. We love going to Chapin every summer for swim lessons and this year did not disappoint.

Ashley, Jenny and I stayed at Nettie's house and Mary and Denise live in Irmo, so the only Bestie that was missing was Hillary. Between all five of us~ there were 10 kids there plus Ashley's sister-in-law Laura and her daughter Eden. That made a total of eleven kids~Swimming week is now being referred to as Summer Kid Camp!

Thank Nettie for opening your home to us as always!

Backyard Pond -Before and After

Mason and I have worked on the yard this summer and decided it was time to fix up the pond and get it back up and working. Here is a Before and After picture of the pond. Good Job Mason! This was my Mother's Day present.

5K Run

On June 4th Martha Jane, Ellen and I ran in The Jacob D. Bullock Foundation 5K run at Little Mulberry Park. I was working on the Couch to 5k program, so Ellen challenged me to a 5K. It was a first for both of us. Martha Jane decided to get in on the action. She has completed a good amount of races, but decided to do it with her "sisters". We had a great time and Ellen and I came in 3rd place in our age group!

Thanks girls for running the race!

Photo taken from Ellen's Blog.