Week with GranJan and Pop

John Lawrence and Mac went to spend the week with GranJan and Pop the first week of July. They had a ball and was a highlight of the summer! They arrived on Sunday night and July 4th was the following day (We celebrated in Chapin that weekend-not on the true holiday).

Sunday-went to Church that night for a 4th party that included hotdogs, bounce house and three legged races

Monday-went to see Grandma Walker and went to the Foster's Lakehouse for the 4th. They rode a Jetski, a Three Man Tube and went down the Big Kahuna Waterslide.

Tuesday-Waterpark in town, The boys went down the waterslide no less than 47 times each, went to Academy Sports and got Phiten necklaces from GranJan and Pop. Mac told the clerk he had been dying to have one. Mac picked a red one and JL picked black. They wear them everyday.

Wednesday-Stayed around the house and enjoyed Pop's birthday with multiple Golfcart rides, Rides on the boat, Kayak rides, Fishing and Hikes in the woods. Took bb guns in the woods and even found a skull and brought it home for the treehouse.

Thursday-came home exhausted from a wonderful trip.

Thanks Gran Jan and Pop! The boys loved every minute of it.

4th of July

Made their own pizzas for dinner one night

At the waterpark playground

On the way home from getting their necklaces

got caught in a rain storm with the top down in the convertible

Skull found on a bear hunt in the woods

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