Easter Eggs

We dyed Easter Eggs tonight and of course the boys asked when we were going to do it ALL day long. It is something they love to do and look forward to it every year. This year they were really into mixing colors and seeing what the end result would be. It was so much calmer and more enjoyable than previous years.  They are really growing up so fast. Great family night!


Easter Party

Mac's Easter party was this morning and it turned out to be great weather. I was in charge of the craft and it turned out great! Then it was on to the egg hunt and lunch. Mac had a ball!


Easter Craft

Mac's Easter party (3 year olds)  is Thursday and I signed up to work on the craft with the kids. I brainstormed with Ellen and she (and the wonderful Internet) came up with this idea.  I will read the Jelly Bean Prayer and then we will string our necklaces with beads and a silver cross and talk about what each color represents. After craft time we will have an Egg Hunt, Lunch and Cupcakes. Mac is excited about the egg hunt!


Mac's first baseball game was last Friday night. Mac had a great time and a great game! We are excited about the season and it is so fun to watch the little guys play and chase after the ball. At times you forget if you are at a football game or baseball game ~the dog piles are hilarious to watch!  
Mason was helping out in the outfield during the game
making circles in the dirt


His favorite position.

Coach Mason


Edisto Island

Mason and I took an adult vacation last week for a couple of days (Thursday-Sunday). The boys were going to Gran Jan and Pop's house to spend the second part of their Spring Break with Walker and Henry and Gran Jan and Pop, so we knew they were going to have a ball!

We went to Edisto Island and had a wonderful relaxing time. We ate great food and truly had such a peaceful time. We spent many hours on the back porch and that fabulous dock. On Friday we drove into Charleston and on Saturday we rented a kayak. Mason and I could not have asked for a better trip! Thanks Gran Jan and Pop for watching the boys.

Our house

view from our back porch

the neighbors


Visit from Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa came to spend the weekend with us about 2 weeks ago. We went to the zoo on Saturday and had a great time! The weather was perfect and boys got to enjoy hanging out with the grandparents outside a lot of time. John Lawrence, Mac and Grandma also planted some sunflowers seeds and went on many snake hunts. Thanks for coming~ we had a wonderful visit!