First Haircut

Mac had his first haircut today at the age of 2 1/2. He did a great job! No crying or whining. He knew what was going on and he did not mind a bit. I was worried that they would cut it too short and he would not look like himself, but it looks great. She took 2 inches off everywhere.

I could not be happier with the results!


Summer is here.........

Summer has officially begun....


Preschool Graduation

John Lawrence graduated from preschool last week. I can't believe how the time has flown by ~it seems like just yesterday we were walking into the doors at Mothers' Morning Out.



It seems everything has been about JL lately so here are some pictures of little Mac Mac Roo Roo.

We are cutting his hair a little bit next week and I had to put it in pigtails before I did it. He has great hair!!!


Nature Ride/Walk

About 2 weeks ago the boys and I went on a nature walk at a local park that is a walk only park. There is a pond that is surrounded by a walking trail. It was beautiful! We saw many animals while on the trail. We saw a snapping turtle, a lizard, geese, ducks, birds and baby ducklings (the boys favorite part). Lucky for us we brought lots of bread! We had a great time and will be back plenty over the summer.


Here we come......

I can't tell you how ready John Lawrence is for Kindergarten. He really could care less about summer and just start school. We went to Registration last week and he was so excited.

His favorite thing by far is the school bus. He figured out all by himself that he must ride a bus because it is super cool that they don't have car seats or seat belts! So, I guess he will probably be riding the bus. It is a short ride from our house and he is just too excited about it.
We got to go on a bus ride at school. It was the perfect end to the tour.


He's a PRO!!!!!

JL learned to ride his bike about a week ago; however, we have practiced about 2 times since that day. So this is truly his third attempt! His friend Caitlyn was there to cheer him on and the minute he could do it she asked if he wanted to race. Nothing like some good old peer pressure to become a PRO...

***Ashley- tonight JL said he can go to Nettie's this summer and ride his bike to the barn!! He is so excited. He told me to tell you and you tell Luke.

No training wheels for JL

John Lawrence was the opposite of most kids. Most say do not let go ever; however, JL would tell dad immediately to let go and would look back to make sure Mason was not holding on. He is funny!

5 Year Old Check Up

John Lawrence went to the doctor yesterday for his 5 year old check-up. He did great! He had to get 4 shots, pee in a cup, get his finger pricked and do the normal weight, height, blood pressure checks.

The shots hurt by the 3rd one, but he was a trooper.

I am pulling his 4 year stats so we can compare to last year.

4 Year old

Weight: 45 lbs 94%

Height: 44 in 97%

5 Year old

Weight: 49.5 lbs 89%

Height: 47.75 in 99%

92/56 blood pressure

He is healthy and doing great! At 5 years old they are wanting parents to let the kids do a lot of the talking and listening about safety tips and so on. This was great because John Lawrence got to list lots of new foods he was trying and got to tell her he can ride his bike with no training wheels!!! He is so proud of himself (this happened about a week ago).

He did try and convince her that he does not ride in a car seat anymore and I finally had to step in and tell her that was not true, that actually he is still in a car seat and not in a booster seat yet (she was so relieved to hear that). Of course he was smiling this evil smile while he said it.