Game Ball

John Lawrence received the game ball on April 17th . JL had some great hits and was running super fast; therefore, he was rewarded with the nights ball. Every player gets one through out the season and it always very special for the player. JL was so excited!



They could play outside all day long! They love it and love playing with each other and the neighbors.

The 4 wheeler is Mac's new love. He got it for his birthday in November and was scared of it at first, but now it is all he wants to do.


Spring Break

Here is the list of fun things we did during Spring Break! We did most of these things with the Pangles of course.

Chuck E Cheese
Went to my friend Jan's house for a playdate, saw the Easter Bunny and
doctor: Mac had an ear infection!
Monkey Joes

Stone Mountain

relaxed at home in our pajamas

I only took pictures of Stone Mountain. Here are a few.

Easter Wrap-up

We had a great Easter at home this year! We went to church where they had an Easter egg hunt after the service, then headed to brunch and then home for the last of the great hunts. The boys loved to search for the eggs. JL loves the chase of it and Mac likes to eat the candy!


Wordless Wednesday

(Jan this is for Rita if she does not read my blog tell her to come see the present she got JL for his bday-he loves it!)


Pony Rides

We went to an Easter Festival (JL calls it a Bunny Festival) on Saturday and the boys had a great time. They had pony rides, jump houses, petting zoo, trains and lunch all for free. My neighbor invited us to go. A local church puts it on and Debbie has been going f0r years. The highlight was the pony rides. It was Mac's 1st time and he loved it! He did not want me to help at all.


Front Door Easter Wreath

School Easter Party

JL had an Easter party at school. We ate lunch, had an Easter egg hunt and made a craft. Mac and I always enjoy seeing brother at school.

Here is a picture JL drew that was in the hallway of school that I just had to take a picture of- I thought it was great!

Birthday Party

Here are some pictures of JL's birthday party at the The Oaks Putt Putt Course. We had a great time and the weather was perfect!
Had cake issues, but it tasted really good! John Lawrence thought it was awesome and that is all that matters. Let's just say I will plan my parties around my cake lady's schedule. :)


Playing Outside

We enjoyed the nice weather last weekend by spending lots of time playing outside! The boys love playing outside and get along great with our neighbor Kaitlyn.
Mac was proud of his tattoo on his arm. He looks so tough!

Dirty Face
Cleaning his boots


Nana sends the boys crafts for all major holidays and even when she sees things they may enjoy. She came in town for John Lawrence's birthday party and got to see them enjoy an Easter craft. They got to paint easter eggs and loved it.

Playing with Pop

John Lawrence got a two person Nerf gun set complete with glasses and vests. Pop and JL were having a ball!