JL's End of the year party and Awards Day

JL had his End of the Year Party and Awards Day the last week of school. His party was a bug theme and the Awards Day was a Moving On celebration/Awards Day/Father's Day. Mason came to Awards day, which made JL happy. JL's award was for being the Most Respectful.

Ms. Fugaro
Ms. Tucker
Dirt snack the kids made


The boys were invited to Awanas half through the year by Walker and Henry. They went the first day and loved it. They asked us to take them back and would look forward to Wednesday nights. They both learned a lot and had a great time. JL was so shy and the beginning when he would recite his verses, but by the end his teacher said she could hear him! JL was even allowed to participate in a Lock-In (his first) and Awards Night. Thanks Walker and Henry for inviting us!


Day out with Dad

Mason called me Thursday to see if I thought it was ok to check JL out of school at 11:30am and take him to an Atlanta Braves baseball game. Since it is the end of the school year, I thought it was fine. The boys had a great time. JL ran the bases, hit in the batter's cage and had tons of food (hot dog, pretzel, ice cream, boiled peanuts, cotton candy and more). They had a great day together and then came back and cooled down at the pool. It was a day that neither of them will forget. Surprises are so special!

Mac-End of School Party

Mac's last day of school was last Tuesday. He was happy for the day to come until the next day when "Bubba gets to go to school". JL would trade places with Mac any day. Mac loves school and JL not so much. Anyway, Mac is done and he is sad~We had a fabulous year (2 year old class)and wonderful teachers.  We love Ms. Mandy and Ms. Michelle.

Super Soaker

Two weekends ago we went to Spartanburg for Sam and Hudson's joint birthday party. Grandma and Grandpa were in town too, so we got to hang out with them. Sorry no pictures-I must do better. They surprised the 4 boys with Super Soaker water guns and they loved them. Here is an action shot of the boys. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the water guns!

Blood Mountain

We went to Blood Mountain (1 1/2 hours from home) a couple of weekends ago during out air conditioner outage (we had to replace the unit) and had a fabulous time! The boys were in heaven and want to go back soon! Next time, we are going camping in our tent. We found some awesome places to set up a tent in the National Forest. We had so much fun as a family on this outing!


Summer To Do List

Go for walks, Make home-made ice cream, Wash the cars and get wet, Go to the movies, Go camping, Go to Myrtle Beach, Camp out in the backyard, Go to Nettie's House for swim lessons, Have sleep overs, Go to the pool for movie nights, Go to Suwanee Park and play in the fountains, Water park in Gainesville, Try some new recipes, Go to Chuck E Cheese, Attend VBS, Pull out the sprinkers/Slip-In-Slide/backyard Pool, Join at least 2 Book Clubs, Go to the mall, Go to the POPiscle sale in honor of Uncle Steve, Go to Monkey Joes, Go to Gatlinburg, Go to INK , Go to the Childrens Museum downtown, Go to IKEA, Get ice cream from the ice cream truck, Play with bubbles, Jump in puddles during a rain shower.  

This list is a work in progress- as the boys and I think of more fun things we will update the list.


Field Day

Field Day was everything I remembered it to be. Mason and I both tried to explain it to John Lawrence and he did not get it until he had his day. It was hot, fun and really just a great day to be a kindergartner. Once he realized he was going to get a ribbon for each race he did and won that was all it took to get him to start competing. He had a great time and so did the rest of the class. The school divided up the grades so, with 9 kindergarten classes there were plenty of teams to compete against. Each grade went on a different day. I got to go and help out and I am so glad I did.

Tournament Time

John Lawrence has had the privilege of being on a really great baseball team this year. They are the Dodgers and the are tough! Their record as of today is 10 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie. It is tournament time and they have won  twice and play again on Friday night. The coaches are wonderful coaches and men. They teach the game and good sportsmanship. We could not ask for anything more. JL has had a good time and gotten better and better and definitely understands the game more.

Mac needs computer time too

Mac has found something to do on the computer in the last few weeks. He used to just watch JL play games and now he has find some Dora and Diego videos and picture create coloring books he can do on Nick Jr all by himself. He loves it and it makes him feel like such a big boy. 

About a week ago, this is how Mason found him while a video was on that he was trying to watch. He is still our little boy.