John Lawrence ~6 Year Check Up

John Lawrence had his 6 yr check up on May 7th. We are always about a month behind schedule on these. You can blame it on the insurance company. Anyway here are the stats and a comparison to last year.

5 Year old
Weight: 49.5 lbs 89%
Height: 47.75 in 99%
6 Year old
Weight 55.6 lbs 87%
Height 50.25 in 98%

He did not have to get any shots this year! He was glad until he realized that meant no getting a prize out of the treasure chest (weird kid).

This year was focused on safety. Fire Safety, Firearms, Bike Safety, Street Safety and lastly Car Safety. Dr. Herd was also focused on Healthy foods, which JL really needed to hear. He is trying to eat better and I am trying to make better food choices for our family.

JL is great and  healthy.

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