Summer To Do List

Go for walks, Make home-made ice cream, Wash the cars and get wet, Go to the movies, Go camping, Go to Myrtle Beach, Camp out in the backyard, Go to Nettie's House for swim lessons, Have sleep overs, Go to the pool for movie nights, Go to Suwanee Park and play in the fountains, Water park in Gainesville, Try some new recipes, Go to Chuck E Cheese, Attend VBS, Pull out the sprinkers/Slip-In-Slide/backyard Pool, Join at least 2 Book Clubs, Go to the mall, Go to the POPiscle sale in honor of Uncle Steve, Go to Monkey Joes, Go to Gatlinburg, Go to INK , Go to the Childrens Museum downtown, Go to IKEA, Get ice cream from the ice cream truck, Play with bubbles, Jump in puddles during a rain shower.  

This list is a work in progress- as the boys and I think of more fun things we will update the list.

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