~Kaitlyn~our neighbor and JL's first crush (she is 7 years old)

John Lawrence: Hey mom guess what?

Mom: What JL

JL: I am going t0 marry Kaitlyn?

Mom: Really?

JL: Mom do you like her?

Mom: I do- she is really nice and pretty, but most people wait until they are older to marry, say like after they go to school.

JL: Well, I am not going to wait I am going to marry her next year!



The Duplers came in town last weekend for a night and we all had a great time! The boys play so well together especially Hudson and John Lawrence. We played and sat outside the entire time. It was great seeing them.



The boys and I went to Kentucky last week as part of the family tour of visits this summer. We had a really good time and the weather was perfect! I FORGOT MY CAMERA! I was so bummed, I felt lost without it the whole trip.

Mac was all about grandpa this trip which, grandpa loved and I got a nice break as well. John Lawrence was all about Gracie (the dog). He loves her so much and loves to take care of her. It almost makes me think we need a dog for all of 10 seconds then I come to my senses. Ha!

We went to the zoo, farm orchard that has a really cool play area and slides, pool and had lots of family and friends over to visit and eat dinner.

On the last day, Gregory invited us over to eat lunch at his apartment. His apartment is in a great location and is a charming old house that is divided into three units. It was a good lunch before heading out and nice to see my brother being such a good host! Thanks Gregory!

Dad and Diane thanks for being so accommodating (especially for a 2 year old) and fun! We had a really good visit!


Kentucky Family Pictures

We had these pictures taken back in September when Allison and I went there for Diane's birthday party. I got them last week when I was there visiting with the boys. I am so glad that we took some family pictures... it had been years.


It is the same every time

It is the same every time.
1. Dig for worms
2. Ride golf cart down to lake
3. Board the boat and drive around
4. Fish for awhile
5. Enjoy a cool dip in the lake

Does it get any better?


2nd Annual POPsicle Sale

We went to the Annual POPsicle Sale on July 1st in Spartanburg again this year. Mason's aunt Wee Wee did a great job! The boys and I went up and spent two days at Jan and Larry's house. John Lawrence worked all day long and had a ball!

Callaway Gardens

Mason and I went to Callaway Gardens for our 11th Wedding Anniversary. Our anniversary was June 27th and we had an awesome time. It was our first time there and was not disappointed! We rented a cottage that had a great screened in porch, ate great meals, rode bikes and played golf. It was perfect!