Weekly Update

Here is our weekly update!

We went to Mason's high school football game on Saturday (that was aired on ESPN). It was a big deal in the town and we had a lot of fun. It was family day so we got to enjoy activities before the game started. We saw lots of family as well. Here is a picture of John Lawrence, Walker and Preston (cousin).

On Monday, we had a playdate at our house and of course the Pangles came over as well as my friend Jan and her son Christian and daughter Jaden.

On Tuesday, we went to the Jungle Jump to let the kids jump and play and blow off some energy.

On Wednesday, we went to John Lawrence's school to meet his two teachers and classmates. We stayed for about an hour so he could get a feel for the classroom and his new surroundings. School starts on Tuesday! I think I am more excited than JL is!!!

This weekend we are actually staying home and celebrating Mason's birthday with a nice dinner and of course watching lots of College Football!


Pictures of Pregnant Belly at 24 weeks

Here are two pictures taken of me at 24 weeks. I will update again closer to 30 weeks.

Pictures from Vacation

The Pavilion @ Myrtle Beach on a train ride

Back porch of Beach House

Putt Putt Golf

At Grandma Hunt's House

On the Beach


Back from Vacation

Well, we finally made it back from vacation. We started the trip on Friday, August 11th. We spent the night in Spartanburg with Mason's parents and got up early to head to my dad's family in Lumberton, North Carolina. We spent the night with Grandma Hunt and saw Aunt Sandra, Uncle Ronald, and my cousins Ashton and Whitney. Grandma fixed a great lunch and breakfast for us. John Lawrence had a great time seeing everyone and playing with Kobe's toys and swing set.

The next day, (Sunday) we left and headed for Myrtle Beach. We went out the first night to the Pavilion. It is going to close next month for good so we wanted to take JL one time. He had a great time! He rode some rides alone, some with Mason and some with Pop.

The rest of the week was spent hanging on the beach, going to the pool and going on bike rides. JL was not crazy about the sand so the beach was done in small visits and with him spending twice the amount of time washing off afterward with the water hose. We went to play putt putt golf one night and JL and Walker had a great time.

Saturday, we left the beach and Mason and I went to Charleston for the night. Chad Waddell a friend of Mason's from Spartanburg, who also went to College of Charleston was having a going away party for his move out to California for Grad School. We had a great time and came back to pick up JL on Sunday from Mason's parents house. We got back to Atlanta last night around 6:00pm. Now it time to wash clothes and get back into the swing of things.

Today, (Monday) I had a doctor's appoitment. I am 25 weeks and things are right on schedule. Everything is normal and looks good. I go back in 3 weeks for my glucose test and another check-up.


Mini Trips

In the last week we have been busy getting the last trips in before summer is over. I went to Beaufort, SC for a girl's weekend trip to help celebrate two of my best friend's new babies that are due next month (baby showers).

Mason kept John Lawrence with him and went up to GranJan and Pop's house for the weekend. They had a great time playing , fishing, and swimming in the lake. They also fed the cows and horses and went on many golf cart rides.

On Tuesday, Ellen and I decided to take the boys without the dads to Spartanburg again for a visit. We went out to dinner for Ellen's bday on Tuesday night and then had dinner at Mammy's (Mason's grandmother) house on Wednesday night . Martha Jane was also in town and it was great seeing her there as well.

John Lawrence loves helping out with baby Henry. He always wants to hold him and give him his pacifier so I am hoping that when our baby is born he will adjust just fine.