Boys will be boys!

Last night, I was cutting Mason's hair with an electric razor and John Lawrence was dying to cut his daddy's hair with the scissors after I was finished (I always start with the razor and finish with the scissors). I told him no and Mason said the same thing! This actually scared Mason to death!

Anyway, Mason and I were just talking and focusing on the haircut and John Lawrence was cutting the air with the scissors. We were interrupted and look up to see a ball of fire and smoke! John Lawrence decided to cut the cord of the razor while it was on and I was in the process of cutting hair.

The child did not have any shoes on and luckily neither he or I were hurt.

We asked him why he did it and he said "I don't know". The look on his face was truly wonder and I think he was just curious what would happen. I think is the first of many scares with two boys in the house!!!

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