Christmas Tree

We go to the same place every year to get our Christmas tree. This year was just like all the others, I pace back and forth trying to find the perfect tree, while the boys are feeding the goats with Mason and running back and forth through the trees until I decide on the perfect tree.

It really is a beautiful tree and this year the boys got into helping me decorate it. John Lawrence helped from start to finish. At the end I found 4 ornaments on one single branch. It took about 20 minutes to move some of the ornaments around. My OCD kicked in at this time and I decided that I would wait until everyone was in bed and I would take all of the ornaments off the entire tree and start over, but then I came to my senses. I am accepting the fact that it really isn't about having a perfect tree, but that we had fun time. It really was a fun night and one that I will look forward to every year. I love all of our ornaments and each one tells a story. I remember where I got each and every one of them.

Christmas Tree Farm

We always take a picture of on the sled

My favorite ornament (JL made it for me last year)

Old World Bride Set

Ornaments that JL made together 2 weeks ago

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Jan Walker said...

Oh the picture of John Lawrence putting the star on top brings back so many memories. Mason always did that until he left home. That looks like Larry and Mason. Thanks for the pictures.