Santa List

John Lawrence's list for Santa:
1. Boomerang
2. Bike Ramp
3. Slip in Slide

His list has changed since the beginning of the month. These were the 3 things he asked for. He thought he could only ask for 2 maybe 3 things to put on his list (sweet boy). Now that the commercials are all over the TV his list has changed and grown. Here is his new list.

Revised List:
1. Boomerang
2. XMen DVD
3. Wii Nerf Gun Game
4. Bike Ramp??? Unsure he tried one at Sam and Hudson's house and it was "scary"
5. Lots of Wii games
6. Nintendo DS
7. Bakugans
8. SNOW and lots of it. This is the most important one and tells me every day~

Mac's List:
1. Wiggles Music Book (We had one that was JL's when he was a baby and Mac loved it and eventually tore it up and has missed it ever since. The book is out of date and rare -I sure hope Santa finds one;)

He now has added two items on his wish list.
1. Wiggles Music Book
2. Tootsie Rolls
3. Lollipops

Mac was so upset afterward when we sent to see Santa. We told him to tell Santa what he wanted and he did and he did not get the Wiggles Book that he asked for. We failed to explain to him you did not get it then, but would get it on Christmas morning. He stills mentions this every other day. He is mad at Santa and likes to make sure that people know about it when he is mad.

The countdown is on~the boys are so excited.

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Jan Walker said...

Well, John Lawrence's dad can make him a bike ramp. He made himself one. And I think Mac should get everything on his list! I think it is sooo sweet that John Lawrence doesn't ask for much, that way he will always be surprised. I can't wait til ya'll get here!!!!!!!