Mac's 4 year Checkup

Mac went to his 4 year checkup last week (Jan. 18th). We are always about a month or two behind schedule due to insurance reasons. This was a big appointment for Mac. He had to give a urine sample, get his finger pricked, get 3 shots and had his vision and hearing checked. He did great and he was so proud of himself for peeing in the cup, that he got me to take a picture of it so I could show Daddy.

His doctor was pleased with his stats and he passed his hearing and vision tests. He was upset about getting 3 shots, so Mason took Mac to get a new belt. He had been asking for a new belt for weeks, so they went to eat at ChickFil A and Target that night.

I always like to pull the stats for JL to see how they compare to Mac. JL was a little bigger than Mac at this age.They go back and forth so I never know until I see the numbers.

Mac's Stats
Weight 43lbs (91%)
Height 43 1/4 (93%)

John Lawrence's Stats
Weight 45lbs  (94%)
Height 44 in  (97%)

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