Mac's style

As I have said before Mac is really into clothes and shoes. So to remember the season~here is what his must haves are at the moment.

A long sleeve t-shirt, short sleeve t-shirt, jeans (are preferred) and his shark tooth necklace (he got the necklace this summer at the beach with Aunt Martha Jan). He picks his shoes now based on colors that could match his shirt. Shirts are sometimes tucked in and sometimes not. It just depends on his mood.

Two weeks ago he was obsessed with tucking his shirt in and wearing a belt. Glad that has passed. He keeps us on our toes and tries to give Mason and I fashion advice. As I am sitting here now I am wearing 2 shirts and I walked out of my bathroom and Mac told me "Mom you look really good, but you need to take that watch off".

He knows what he likes! I help him pick out his clothes, but really he typically has the final say on most days. I love his personality and would not change a thing about our Mac Mac.

I wanted him to smile for the camera and he was not in the mood~ until he started then could not stop himself.

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Hurricane Denise said...

The second one always keeps you on your toes. Parsons is the sassiest little thing. She has a comment for everything! The other day I was singing and she told me to stop because she didn't like my voice!! They are too much!