Cardinal Class Act

John Lawrence was voted Cardinal Class Act by his classmates and teachers for the month of January. He was so proud of himself and very excited to tell Mason and I.
A Cardinal Class Act is a student who gets his work done, uses manners, listens to the teacher, is nice to his classmates and is a good example to the rest of the students.

This bulletin board is in the main hallway at the elementary school. Today I brought my camera so I could take some pictures. I volunteer in JL's classroom 1 day a week for about 1 1/2 hours and I love it as much as he does!


Mama said...

oooooof, I'm jealous.

Jan Walker said...

He's a special little boy and he deserves that award!

Bringing Home to the City said...

So proud of j.L.! He is the sweetest! I know you and Mason are thrilled! Love, aunt martha jan