Valentines's Day

Valentine's Day is a big deal at our house. Mac loves the candy and John Lawrence loves to get cards for his friends. He chooses two kinds-One for the girls and one for the boys. This year, JL chose X-men for the boys and Littlest Pet Shop for the girls. He started this last year and he has  known exactly what he wants and what girls want. I love that he cares so much and is so in tune with girls that I really want to encourage it. His future wife will thank me! Ha Ha . He has also helped Dad pick out my gifts for holidays and I have been told he is really quite good about remembering what I say I need. This Valentines Day I got a blender. Ours died about 1 month ago.

Mac, on the other hand told his teacher and class all week that it was his birthday and the Valentine's day party was for him. So, on Thursday I show up for his party and they got to eat cupcakes and before they ate them a little girl asked her mom if she could sing happy birthday to Mac and her mom asked out loud if it was Mac's birthday and I say no, but he wishes it was. His teacher proceeds to tell the story of Mac telling everyone it is his birthday party, so another girl asks to sing to Mac so they did and Mac loved every minute of it! If you ask him he will tell you he a bee birthday party at school. The cupcakes were bubble bees for (Be Mine). It was really cute!

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Jan Walker said...

The snow pictures are beautiful! Love the story about Mac's BD.