JL's desk ~Before and After

JL has been asking for a desk for the last month or so for his bedroom. He had plans of working on his homework, paperwork and crafts at his own desk. I have been looking on the CraigsList for the perfect desk and I finally found one. It had to have lots of drawers for JL to use and it needed to be black or brown (per JL). Last Saturday I found one close by and for $15. It was perfect except it was white. I normally get Mason to work on my paint projects, but I decided this was small enough that I could do it. I primed, painted it 2 times and put a polyurethane coat on it and changed out the hardware.

John Lawerence loves it and could not be any happier!


Jan Walker said...

What a great job! It looks great! Aren't you proud of yourself? I am.

Mama said...

Well, well, well... Look at you - you little nester!

Kim said...

Awesome job Kim! Now I'm wondering what you might be painting next...ha!

The Smith Family said...

This looks SO great! I love it!
Nice work.
Shelley Smith