What I learned about myself

I learned I am more of a girly girl than I thought I was. 
I recently went on a girl's trip a couple of weekends ago. We went to Ashley's Dad's Hunting Lodge~Muller~ (yes, that is what I said-read it again). Ashley asked me if I thought I could handle it and I said yes and never thought another thing about it until I walked into the front door. In my head I was envisioning a mountain house, but that was not what it was. So back to the front door, there was no lock on the door ~there was not even a door knob~ there was a set of antlers. There were many bedrooms, a huge den, huge kitchen and dining room. It is a mans paradise! There was even a huge tv, dvd player and satellite dish. Our husbands were all jealous that we were going and they were not invited. All guys that have been here love the place. Lets just say I was out of my element.

So here is my list of things I have never done until this weekend.
  1. Went to a men's hunting lodge.
  2. Slept in on a top bunk twin bed with my best friend Mary at the age of 33 because there may or may not have been mice dropping seen in the bedrooms.  (Mice-my biggest fear on earth!!!!!!)
  3. Wore a pair of waders- unsure what they are see-the picture below
  4. Saw a dead duck thrown on the kitchen counter only 30 minutes before dinner was ready
  5. Shot a pistol ( I have shot a gun before but never a pistol)
  6. Slept with no heat in the dead of winter (heater went out that 2nd night at 10:00pm)
  7. Slept in a recliner in front of the fire.
  8. Showered with flip flops on and would not shut the shower curtain for the fear of the unknown (mice and bugs)
  9. Realized that out of the group: Me, Ashley, Jenny, Denise, Mary and Hillary ~I was the girly girl that was scared of the mice and bugs the most!
  10. Survived the weekend!

Thanks Dan for allowing us to experience Muller! We truly had a great weekend!


Jan Walker said...

I feel your pain. But I would absolutely endure anything to spend time with my best friends. You are making wonderful memories. You know how long my friends and I have been going away. We're 60 and still going strong. I love for you to go cause I usually get my boys!

Mama said...

Definitely one for the books... Love you and your girly girl side.

Jennette said...

If you didn't have it before, you now for sure, have my unwaivering admiration! I am in awe.... Love ya,

Bringing Home to the City said...

So fun!

Kim said...

I knew you were a SURVIVOR...LOL! I mean really the only reason you needed a man there would have been to keep the boogie man away, and keep you warm...right??