Playing with Gran Jan

Gran Jan, Pop and Mammy came in town this weekend. It was Henry's bithday party weekend and they babysat for us so Mason and I could go out for our Anniversary date. We took the boys to the Dollar Store with the money that Mammy and Jan gave them and JL came back with Silly String, Bow and Arrow, Hula Hoop and Water Ballons. Mac bought a Incredible Hulk toothbrush, Gummi Bears, Hula Hoop,  and a Big Ball. Of course water balloons were high on the list and Jan got in on the action. It started out innocent enough. Larry was the water filler and Jan was tying the balloons. JL tricked Jan and nailed her and then both boys proceeded to chase and soak her. She is always such a great sport and willing to get wet, dirty or whatever with the boys. She is awesome!

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