Cousins and Jumping

The boy's cousins came into town about 2 weekends ago along with my sister, Allison. Our husbands went on a guy's camping trip so the Dupler's came to our house. We went to the pool, jumped and jumped some more on our trampoline. I bought the trampoline the night before they arrived from a neighbor (yard sale for $50 bucks) of mine and it was the hit all weekend long.

My sister and I decided to make a craft with our Christmas cards from previous years. I will show them on a different post. We got the idea from one of my favorite blogs,  Clover Lane. We did them and they look great! We had to go the Hobby Lobby and Michaels to get supplies and the boys wanted to make a craft too, so they came home with treasure box banks and wooden banks and some paint.

The kids on the trampoline with JL are our neighbors, Gavin and his sister Simone (who JL calls Sibone and Mac calls Ms. Bone). They also have another sister named Alania. The older girls play with the boys too, which is nice having two sets of mother hen eyes especially on Mac. They are a great kids and we are happy they all get along so well.


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