We took the boys to see Santa Claus last Wednesday night. When we told Mac on Monday that we were going to go he was beside himself excited about picking out his outfit. He was so excited ~about his clothes~. John Lawrence was overhearing this conversation at dinner and looks at us with a weird look on his face and says "I guess I will wear a red shirt". He could not figure out why Mac was so excited about his clothes, but figured he must tell us too. (notice the red skull shirt-Everyone else had their kids in fancy clothes, but not the Walkers!)

Mac's favorite outfit for the last 2 weeks has been: khaki pants, a black rock & roll t-shirt and a "green shirt" (navy blue/green plaid button down shirt) on top. We wash and wear daily and maybe sometimes wear it more than once, but who is counting. He hates to wear a jacket because then no one can see his "cool shirt".

Back to the post~we saw Santa and he was awesome! He talked to the boys for a long time and read their Christmas lists and asked them questions about them. He even talked loud enough for mom to hear while dad took pictures.

It was a wonderful night with so much magic in the air. We love Christmas time! This weekend will consist of making a family gingerbread house and completing our Christmas cards.

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