Christmas List 2010

Here are the boys Christmas lists for 2010. I wanted to write them out, so I can look back when they are teenagers and remember what they were into when they were 6 and 4 years old.

John Lawrence's List
Razor Siege Castor Scooter
Fushigi Ball
Tattoo Sleeves
Wii Game
DS Game
Volcano night light
Double spin light saber
Bop It Bounce
Wood Boomerang
Favorite item on the list is a Wood Boomerang

Mac's List
Spider man Web Blaster
Wii Game
DS Game
Watch like Daddy's 
Spider man Memory Game
Brown leather belt
Work Clothes-black pants, dress shirt, tie
Favorite item on the list is work clothes

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Mama said...

If Mac and Lauren had a kid, that child would probably end up being the next great late night comedian.