A weekend of football

Mason and the boys went to Spartanburg for a boy's weekend. I was in Kentucky (see previous post) for the weekend. They started out at the Byrnes High School football game. Larry went to the game as well. They sat near Amber (her blog http://thedaysofkatiejo.blogspot.com/) and her family, they went to high school together. Thanks for the pictures Amber!

The next day Mason, Pop and John Lawrence went to see the South Carolina Gamecocks play in Columbia. Mac stayed with Mammy for the day. Thank goodness! They had a great time; however, our team lost.

John Lawrence loves to find Cocky-always a
highlight at the games.

Notice the score-SC was winning at the time
of picture

Mason saw this shirt and could not resist-
Grateful Dead and Gamecocks together.

By the way we are not Georgia Bulldog fans!!! Don't ever wonder if we are just because we live in the state. It will never happen. We pull for who ever they are playing on Saturdays.

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Judy Johnson said...

I always love looking at your blog and keeping up with your beautiful family! It was so good to see Mason and the boys at the Byrnes game. And Amber knew Gran Jan wouldn't be happy if that photo op slipped by!