Camping with Friends

About 3 weeks ago, Mason and I went camping in North Carolina with our best friends from college. It rained the first night and was so cold the second night! I will never forget how cold I was on that trip, but most of all I never forget how these friends feed my soul. I can leave after a weekend of hanging out and feel so refreshed. It does not matter where we go or what we do they are so good for me.

*This trip taught me to be very prepared for the bitter cold. I have ordered a 3-1(rain, cold or both) jacket from LL Bean and it will arrive within 3 -5 days. Man, I wish I would have had the right jacket on this trip. Lesson learned.

Mason and Ashley cooked us breakfast

We missed you Jenny~

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Mama said...

Yea, whatever happened to those pics? Post em on shutterfly or something, would ya? It was a great trip. One for the books!
Love you girl.