Gingerbread Christmas Tree

Today John Lawrence and I made a Gingerbread Christmas Tree. Maybe not the best, but 50 times better than the Gingerbread House from last year. I blogged about that one as well. It really got us in the mood to decorate the tree tonight.
PS-I bought this kit last year the day after xmas ($2.99). It is a year old and the tree part was hard as a rock and broke while I pulled them apart. Also, the icing was hard too, so not bad with what we had to work with. Next year I will know to buy fresh!!!!
PSS- Had to use school glue and Mod Podge to hold it together. Mason said "I guess we can't eat the candy off of it this year". I said who actually does that anyway. Then I forgot my mother-in-law Jan actually made everything from scratch when she did these for her kids when the were young. So no no do not eat the candy!!!!

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