Little Rookie

Mac started baseball practice last week and he loves it! He has been so excited knowing that it was his turn to finally play baseball. He has watched so many games and practices that he told us "he wants everyone to come and watch him play".

We thought he was going to be pretty competitive playing and we were right. The coach wanted the boys to run the bases and Mac would race anyone close to him. He would cut corners and never tag the base if it meant he could win the race. When it was time to hit off the tee~ he slammed it and smiled after each hit.
His team is the Braves and his coach is a Firefighter. Mac thinks those two things are awesome!

I think he is going to have a great time out on that baseball field.


Jan Walker said...

You can see it in his eyes. You know what I'm talking about the -IT. We didn't waste anytime getting ballgame on our calendar. Can't wait to see what this one does. You just gotta love him!

Bringing Home to the City said...

Can't wait to see my little doobs play! It is most certainly his time to shine!

The Pangles said...

This is so precious! Cant wait to see him play, its going to be too cute!