Beach Week

We went to the beach the 3rd week of July with Mason's side of the family. We had a wonderful relaxing time.

We literally stayed in the pool and/or ocean all week long. JL loved the ocean -swimming into waves. Mac preferred the pool; however, he loved to build sandcastles on the beach with Gran Jan.

By Thursday, Mason ended up with Swimmers Ear and then by Saturday we were at another Urgent  Care with Mac, who also got Swimmers Ear.

This year we took the boys out one day to go play putt putt, ride a mechanical bull, and ride go karts. They had a ball! Eric also took the older boys to the batting cage. They also went to a tattoo parlor and picked out great tattoos.

It was a great trip and we want to thank Gran Jan and Pop for a wonderful vacation and for already booking the same house for next year. This was our 6th or 7th year in a row in the same house!


The Pangles said...

Pics are great!! This post is next up in line...it is a little overwhelming with all the pictures that I have to go through! It looks awesome!

Mama said...

Love, love, love Mason's new haircut!