Tooth Fairy

I titled this post Tooth Fairy; however, it should be called Award for the Worst Mommy of the Year. Last week John Lawrence lost his third tooth. He was so excited, but we (he and I) forgot to put it under his pillow that night. No big deal we would do it the next night.

The boys decided that night they wanted to camp out in the playroom with a tent and sleeping bags. JL was worried that the tooth fairy would not know where he was, so he asked me to make a sign and he would tell me exactly what to write. You would think after I helped him make the sign and hang it up, I would remember to visit him in the middle of the night. Nope~ it did not happen- I forgot.

He woke up the next morning around 6:30am to inform me that she never came and must not have known where he was. We had to make more signs. So that day we ended up making 6 signs and that darn tooth fairy finally came to visit him and had to leave him extra money because she was so slack or just couldn't read the sign the night before.

Either way he was happy even if it was 3 days later.

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