John Lawrence's 4 Year Old Check Up

John Lawrence had his 4 year old check up on May 5th. We are always about a month behind schedule due to insurance reasons.

Here are the stats!!!!

Weight 45lbs 94%

Height 44 in 97%

blood pressure 90/46
(This last one is new I guess this will be listed from here on out)

We had to get a urine sample and a shot in the arm. John Lawrence was so brave and did not cry at all. He was so pleasant the nurse let JL go and pick out a prize in the treasure box. We have seen it before, but never was told to go and get something out of it. We always just got stickers. So this was a really really big deal!

He is healthy as a horse and actually loves going to the doctor and really enjoys seeing Mac go to the doctor as well.

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