Words from John Lawrence

At John Lawrence's preschool they have Donuts with Dad Day and Muffins with Mom Day. The kids make a gift for the parents and also tell their teacher about mom and dad and the teacher writes it down for them.

I thought they were so cute and will love to look back and see what he thought about us at this age.

My Dad
My dad is 9 feet tall. He has brown eyes and brown hair.
We love to play chutes and ladders together.
He works at papers then he comes home to be with me.
One day I will be tall just like him.
January 2008

My Mom
My mom is 6 feet tall. She has green eyes and brown hair.
Her name is Kim.
We love to go to the dentist together every day.
She always does special things for me like playing golf with me.
I love her more than outside time.
May 2008
Here is a flower that JL and I made together for school. It was his homework. He had to describe John Lawrence.
This picture here is one that John Lawrence did at school. It is my favorite of the year. He did it all by himself except for writing Noahs Ark. I am going to frame it and hang it in the house.

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