Good Bye SPD....Hello Nemo

John Lawrence's first fish S.P.D (Power Ranger name of some sort) passed away this week, so we had to go out that night and get him a new fish named Nemo (3rd name this one might be his forever name).

JL got SPD for Christmas and regularly forgot to feed him or even look at him. Mason and I talked about replacing SPD before JL got home from school; however, I thought that was not necessary. " He barely even looks at him it is no big deal".

I WAS SO WRONG! He was so upset and knew exactly what death was all about. He kept saying I am going to miss him and I will never see him again. He said he wanted to hold and hug him. By this time SPD was half gray, so holding was really not an option.

I said a prayer for him and then we let him go to heaven. During the prayer Mac kept saying "Fish is gone, no more Fish, Fish go bye bye" and Mason is so shocked by my sweet prayer he was in tears from doing a silent laugh/cry (It reminded him of Clark W. Griswold). JL actually thought Mason was crying too. So needless to say we HAD to get him another fish ASAP!

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Jan Walker said...

I love the new look and pictures on your blog. Such beautiful children who their grandma?