Bye Bye Paci

It was a sad day for Mac yesterday as he is no longer using his paci. I took it away yesterday for real this time. I have attempted to do this about 3 or 4 times, but something always came up. I took it away yesterday morning at 8:00am and he took a nap and slept all through the night without it. I won't say it was a breeze~ there were some melt downs through out the day, but he did sleep so maybe not too bad. I was expecting a lot worse!

I can tell it will be easier today than yesterday. I am very excited to be done with the paci!

I will post later how we are doing at the end of the week. No turning back now. I threw them all away in the outside trashcan. I knew I could never get them back if I did that.

Here is the last picture I took of him with the paci in his mouth. I think it will be hard for me to see him as my little baby from now on. He really is becoming a little boy.

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Martha Jane said...

AWWWW Break my heart! He is so precious in this little pic. My little doobie is getting to be a big boy and aunt martha jan does not like it!