The last few weeks have been trying here at the Walker house! I took Mac's paci away 2-3 weeks ago and the terrible twos hit our house with a vengeance at the same time. Needless to say we are surviving, but not without many temper tantrums and meltdowns.

I have taken some pictures of Mac when I would see him doing something cute so I could remind myself how precious he is when I am at my wits end!

This is a day of no nap- we went to the park instead. He fell asleep at 4:15 while watching The Wiggles. He got a bath as soon as he got home because he was covered in sand (yes- we still wear our Christmas pjs).

Loving on China. He wore these glasses all of January and some of February. These were in a Volcano kit JL got for Christmas.

Mac wants to potty train now! He takes all of his clothes off about 4 times a day and goes to sit on the Dora seat in the bathroom. I feel like this happens when we are about to walk out the door very often!

Mac got into some stickers the other day. I had to take his picture-he was so proud! Next thing he did was stick them on the wood floor and the windows in the playroom!

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Shannon said...

So cute!! :)

Congrats on your win! Yay!! I'll let you know when I get them in the mail this week.