Valentines Day Cards

John Lawrence and I went to pick out Valentines Day cards this week for his classmates.

Conversation between John Lawrence and myself:

The night before
JL: Mom we need to get 2 boxes (one box -Power Rangers for the boys and one box -Princess for the girls).
Mom: JL there will be some pink rangers for the girls so we don't need to get the princess set.
JL: Mom girls do not like Power Rangers.
Mom: Ok fine JL we will get some for the girls (in my mind it is only $3)

The next day
Mom: There are no Power Ranger cards here do you see something else you like?
JL: I guess that Star Wars will work too.
Mom: JL that is great thanks- for understanding and compromising and now lets get some for the girls.
JL: I don't see the princess box I want either, so let's see. Here is Hannah Montana -She is BIG! The girls will love her!!!!!!
Mom: How do you know about Hannah Montana?
JL: Mom she is so Big!!!! They love her.
Mom: Ok let's get her then.

How does he know this stuff already? I tell Mason all the time he is your typical guy and only listens to what he wants, so I was shocked he even knew about girl stuff like Hannah Montana.


Tricia Anne said...

Congratulations on your winning Bless Our Nest give a way!! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Alex and Jill said...

Cute story. :)

I just found your blog through Bless Our Nest...congrats on winning the giveaway!

Have a great week!