Pow Wow

John Lawrence's class has been studying Pilgrims and Indians this week in honor of Thanksgiving. Today was the big Pow Wow Day~ there was a teepee set up and the kids got to go and look inside of it. It was really cool! They also had many activities all related Indians. John Lawrence brought in pictures of our family that related to Indians. He was really proud to let everyone know that he was a real indian! Tomorrow is JL's Thanksgiving Feast at school. Ellen is going to watch Mac, so Mason and I can go and enjoy JL without having to focus on the little one. He is sweet, but pretty crazy at big school. We had to leave early today because Mac wanted to hug JL the WHOLE time and if I pulled him off of his brother I heard him yell "BUT I LOVE HIM!" (notice the last picture of Mac hugging his brother".

Inside the teepee

Brotherly Love

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