July is half way over and man has it been busy!

It started with a bang! Larry turned 6o years old on July 5th. We had a surprise party for him in Spartanburg. It was great party and he was very surprised. Jan out did herself with this party!

Mac got his first tooth in on July 12 and another today (16th). He is following in John Lawrence's footsteps with his teeth. They wait until 7 1/2 months then they all come in at the same time! Ouch!!!!

This past weekend The Duplers came for a visit. We went to the pool the first night and ate dinner there. The next day was more playing in the morning and then off to Henry's 1st birthday party! It was a fun party and he put on a show for us. He loved his birthday cake!!!! The boys all played great together and had a ball. We will see them again in about a week!

I am planning on keeping up with my posts due to the fact that I take more pictures of events if I know that I blogging. I looked back on my camera and I do not have even half as many pictures I should have at this time. That makes me mad and sad!! I have to do better!!! More later.

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Judy Johnson said...

We love looking at pictures of your beautiful family!