End of October

It is almost the end of October and it can't come soon enough. We had a nice relaxing weekend at home and really enjoyed it.

Friday, John Lawrence and I went to a Halloween party with the playgroup. It was fun. JL enjoyed dressing up in his Indian costume. He did not want to keep his hair/feather wig on for very long, but I still got some pictures. The group took some pictures as well of everyone; however, I did not get them with my camera. If I get them through email I will come back and post it later.

Friday night I went with Martha Jane to the outlet malls to find her some new work clothes. We were successful and she got some really great things. It was nice to get out and shop, but I could definately feel the back pain by the end of the trip.

Saturday was relaxing and quiet. We had big plans to work in the yard all weekend, but after a trial run on Wednesday of pulling weeds and trimming back I realized I could not do it and remain pregnant. We did some small projects around the house and got organized for you know who (baby). Saturday night Martha Jane cooked us a wonderful meal. Stuffed Shells, Salad, Bread, Wine and Chocolate Cake! John Lawrence helped her make the cake and cupcakes! He loved it!!! So you can imagine what he ate for supper that night. We lost count after his 5 mini cupcake! Thanks for dinner Martha Jane- It was wonderful!

Sunday- were we up in the 6:00 hour. I just don't understand why kids still wake up at the same time even if the time changes! Just kidding. We did some yard work- or should I say Mason did yardwork and I supervised. We knocked out some of it and the rest we will tackle during the next couple of weeks. We also tried to take pictures of John Lawrence and my belly, but he would not cooperate. I think we got 3 pictures so will try again in the next few days.

I will post again after we take some pictures on Halloween night!

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Anonymous said...

This would be a special picture in black and white for the new baby's room. It's so sweet!