Update for end of Feb and beginning of March

Here is a wrap-up of February.
Allison, Dan and the boys came to visit the last weekend in February.
-Went to the Children's museum and played outside (weather was great)
-Sam got sick while they were here with strep throat and our boys were spared and never got it!

Met my friend Katie and her daughter Anna-Kate at the mall for playtime and lunch (The older the kids get the more fun they have together). We had a great time.

Activities in March
Dad and Diane came for a visit the first weekend in March. We had a great time. They got to visit with the boys and see how much they have grown since last time (esp. Mac). They cooked dinner for us on Saturday night and it was awesome! It was Tuna and Salmon and some wonderful side items. Mason and I are actually going to try and copy the meal for dinner tonight.

John Lawrence got sick that Saturday and told me he wanted to take a nap, which never happens. He was running a low fever and then by Sunday he was very sick. He had a high fever and a bad cold. On Monday night he had a fever of 103.7 (highest he has ever had). We took him to the doctor on Tuesday and they said it was just a nasty cold virus. By Tuesday afternoon JL was feeling much better.

I decided to go the Spartanburg that afternoon and stay with Mason's parents and have extra hands to help hold Mac who was just starting to get sick himself. We stayed until Thursday and JL had a ball. He was able to play outside, ride on the golf cart, feed animals, pick flowers, and ride in Pop's big red truck. He loved it and Mac was able to be held the entire time. He was very sick himself and became dehydrated and went to the emergency room (Mac now weighs in at 17lbs and 3 ozs) on Thursday morning. He did not have to have an IV, but did get some medicine and we started him on Pedialyte. He is a lot better now, but still will not drink much milk yet. He should be better within the next couple of days.

We are home now and enjoying this Saturday afternoon. Tomorrow should be in the low 70s and we hope to tackle some yard work. :) Lets see if the boys cooperate!

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